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HTES Training and Recruitment Services has over 25 years’ experience working
within all aspects of the construction trade, Whether you are looking for a
person to fill your vacancy or a job talk to one of our experts first.

Our personnel have worked in their respective industries helping us
understand the skills and experience that individual roles demand and helping
both employers find the right personnel for the job and individuals looking for
work the right position.

At HTES Training and Recruitment Services we work as a combined training and
employment service offering companies the right personnel for their position.
We developed a solid database in all trades which has been built up through
training and contacts allowing the company to offer trained personnel to NVQ
level to all of our clients.

We promote our services through many avenues to allow our existing and
future clients access to our wide range of services in training and
recruitment. HTES Training and Recruitment Services can offer your company the
advantage of having a flexible work force allowing your company to add or
reduce its workforce without financial implications.

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